Thursday, August 24, 2006

Something to Tide You Over

Well, as of the current moment, I'm working on the next article. Unfortunately, school is about to begin for me in less than two weeks, so if I don't post that often, I'm sorry. However, I'm sure I'll be able to post a couple articles every now and then. If not, I'll instead be posting some websites to check out and to satisfy our Geeky needs, a couple know-hows, and some extra content as well - something like the previous post, except not as sloppy. Something like this:

Time Magazine has listed video blogger Ze Frank as one of the 50 Best Websites on Earth. He combines current events with witty, sarcastic, satire. His randomness and immaturity seems to part of his charm. If you haven't already clicked the links already offered, do it already. It'll only take a minute or two out of your day.

Also, for Gaming nerds and Kingdom Hearts fans, you might want to check out Kingdom Hearts: Inverted Hearts. It's a fan-made game that pretty much
offers its non-canon* story to Kingdom Hearts. It's graphic are much like the Game Boy Advances, so you don't have to worry about having a great graphics card and most of the requirements are nothing big, too. What I'm really excited about is the Chrono Trigger cross over. I just hope that the creators finish it in time so no... mishaps will cause them to have to shut it down.

For you Indie folks, I've come across a Questionable Content, webcomic that is
quite witty in its own way. Marten Reed, a typically attractive indie boy who's too passive for his own good, is at a bar trying to pick up chicks - however, he ends up meeting Faye, a sarcastic, dysfunctional indie girl, and who insteads becomes very good friends with him. Since the two have met, they've both been through experiences that can be quite... questionable. It's a lot of fun to read (even though it does have its melodramatic moments) and has a lot of pop culture and counterculture references in there that'll keep many entertained for hours. Even with the incomprehensible Indie-band talks, I still find the Anthropod Pint-size to be so much fun.

Brainstorming and trying to find the gist of writing,
Henry "Pootie Chang" Pham

*Non-canon: A plot/storyline that is not part of the main story line widely known. It is more of a side story, or what-if tale. The Comic Book Industry has a lot of Non-Canon stories, such as X-men: Fairy Tales.

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