Friday, July 28, 2006

The Spontaneous Things in Life

I enjoy them way too much. Right after my SAT Academy today (Err, or shold I say yesterday?), damn good friend of mine, Ryan English, picks me up from my place. Apparently we had a movie thing going on with the some other people at the Chino Spectrum, but a) We both weren't informed of it and b) We were too busy to arrive in time (SAT Academy for me, Work for him). We both decided to go to Chino to mess around in Toys 'R' Us while we waited for them to finish with their movie. However, while trying to park behind the building for some random reason, we instead decided to drive to Los Angeles for dinner. We went to LA, and looked for half an hour for a free parking spot (English is the man to take with you if you want to find one) in Little Tokyo.

There, we found this bitchin' Chinese restaurant in Little Tokyo (I know, the place to find Chinese food - even though Chinatown is just several blocks away). This place is called Chop Suey that, according to English, has been around since the 1920s (His grandfather went there as a child - as a bloody child!). I was amazed - we were eating in a part of Los Angeles/California history. It had these wooden stalls which people would sit in and eat, something like private booths. We went in, and I find this really
attractive Asian girl serving water. I kept on guzzling my water down to keep her coming. :D Unfortunately, I'm not quite up to game when it comes to flirting...

Still, the Chow Mein was pretty damn good! And it was pretty cheap for Asian Cuisine food - I mean, for a Chinese Restaurant, it was expensive ($1 per bowl of rice! In Chinese Restaurants, rice comes for free! And you can get them by the pounds!). But from what I've tasted and seen, it was all cuisine food. You know, the fancy food you'd expect out of a restaurant in Beverly Hills or something. The rice wasn't just any rice - it was Jasmine Rice. And the Egg Rolls - it wasn't like anything I've ever seen or tasted! The Sweet and Sour sauce and a bit of wasabi in it, which just added to its taste. But enough of a critics review of the restaurant... After that, and after much browsing, we drove back home (Well, we stopped by Eric and Scott's Coressel place). So, that's pretty much how I spent my Friday night. Going to Los Angeles for Chinese Food in Little Tokyo. Spontaneous. Random. Awesome.

I love the spontaneous things about my life. Who knows - Dinner, Chinese Food in LA; Breakfast, Crappy food in Vegas.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Clerks II
"You ever see a chick give a mule a blowjob? "

Yes! I'm finally seeing Clerks II! I'm more excited than Michael Jackson gets when he sees a Chuck E. Cheese!

[Edit] Well, I've finally got to see Clerks II. I can see why Joel Siegel walked out of it. And that can only make a Kevin Smith movie so much more better if a
critic were to walk out of it within 40 minutes of it. What's there to say without ruining the movie? It's better than the first. It's dirty, disgusting, wrong and I love it. It's filled with enough the stuffGeeks would love. It has Lord of the Rings, Transformers, Star Wars and blasphemy. Would I suggest watching this movie? Sure. Only if you're not easily offended. And don't mind seeing a donkey get sodomised.

And tip: To sneak into an R Rated movie for those of us incapable, go with a group of friends willing to buy a ticket for you earlier before the movie (several hours before the movie - or at least an hour). Have them give you the ticket to get in, then have your friend buy another ticket. If anybody asks, your friend "lost" it.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Huh... Well, never thought I'd do this. You know, start a blog. I had a Xanga, but I thought it was too... just too aZn. Not to mention, all it had on it were people either talking about their day or complaining about the most stupidest, and trivial things. Either that, or start an internet flame wars, and those are annoying enough as it is. That, and Xanga wouldn't stop stuff my inbox with "new subscriptions" - I still don't know how to turn it off, and I refuse to - because for one, I haven't touched my xanga since early freshmen year, and I hardly update anyways. However, I'm hoping at least with this blog, I can actually commit to this. I don't know why, but this blog hosts seems to appeal more to me - much more of a minimilist approach, I guess. That, and not that many people use this (w00t to useless-and-frivolous-trying-acts-of-individualism-that-doesn't-even-matter). That, and I know there'll be at least somebody out there willing to read this... So, why not give hmm? Alright, well here goes my first entry which'll hopefully lead to many more (dubious 'bout it, but eh, no hurt in hopin').