Thursday, October 26, 2006

Smurf Check!

I feel I should explain. You see, Diamond Ranch has this tradition every year for Homecoming. We hold a Blackout Rally, which is pretty much a... well, a rally. Except, the rally is done outside of school hours, at night when everything is completely dark, all natural sunlight is cut from outside the gym, and there is to illuminate it is a laser show, flashing blacklights, glow-in-the-dark assortments totted by the performance groups, and the shine of the band's instrument. I am typically with the Band. There are usually skits that somewhere incorporate the Homecoming theme, along with performance groups adding to the skit.

This year, our theme was Indiana Jones, and the Indian Club contributed, along with the Dance Team, Cheerleaders, and Pageantry. Band usually just plays before and after the Rally, just as some kind of background music. However, the band people enjoy it more than the audience it plays to (obviously). In the previous posts, you can see my Tromboners doing the Trombone Suicide at this rally which a friend of mine recorded - awesome, isn't it? Added it to our repertoire of dances a couple of weeks ago, which we "borrowed" off of Youtube. Been wowing people ever since. Should've seen the looks when we did this in front of the elementary school kids: "Oh my God, they're moving!" Anywho, at the end of this rally, I randomly screamed out "Smurf Check!"

Now, somethings happens when you scream "Smurf Check!" towards a large group of DRHS Bandg33ks. A long-haired Trumpet player named Damian will reply back, "Papa Smurf can I lick your ass?", in which a large group of males within the Band scream back "Yeah, lick my ass, bitch!" Thence forth, it breaks off into a cadence of clamping and stomping feat rthymically, and it goes on until it dies off. However, after the rally, I yelled "Smurf Check!" Typically, Damian yells back with his usual reply, and so do the men, but the Drumline provided the cadence. Elated, I gathered up a handful of Bandg33ks and the Drumline, and made this video.

Trombone Suicide

Yep. Those're my boys. And girl.
Diamond Ranch Trombone's '06-'07!

Monday, October 23, 2006

A Little Fall... Cleaning....?

Just to keep my blog going alive, I would like to inform my small audience that I have done some organizing. As of now, this blog shall be used for my own personal use. Events in my life, random musings incoherent, stuff that shouldn't interest random passerbys. So yes, that means that you will no longer be seeing those intellectual posted articles that I post up a couple months ago (wouldn't matter anyways, I haven't posted any since). However, I do plan on making more. Just when I have more time. But do not despair! For I have transfered them all to this new blog, the True Anthropology of Geeks! This website will feature all of my freestyling articles, intellectual ramblings, and the kind of material that should have poeple pondering. So if you want to feel smart, check it out. I've even moved all of the old articles in there if you ever want to read them again!

Thank you Lemon-Eyed for the image.

Also, I got rid of my Henry and Hamdan Go to In-N-Out
sample script. I just felt that it took up too much space on my blog. But if you want to look at it, or at least what I'm willing to offer to let you look at, contact me. I check my e-mail occasionally, so don't be afraid to send me a message!

Signing off with way too much homework to deal with,
Henry "Pootie Chang" Pham


Wednesday, October 18, 2006

... What?

jossungood: So how'd you weekend faire thus far, mon amie?
mccxricekrispy: It sucketh be
mccxricekrispy: Too much studying on the weekends for me
mccxricekrispy: bout you my good man?
jossungood: What a shameth it be to hear such troubling news so as to befalleth upn thee, and I in somber retriubutino offer thee my most sincerest of apologies.
jossungood: Mine, it be one of a few pleasures paired with the insatiable inevitability of mundane bordom.
mccxricekrispy: Ah, poor soul, I believe the Lord has shown some disdain in us
jossungood: Ah, this be true fellow wanderer of misfortune.
mccxricekrispy: indeed
jossungood: Let us not count thine troubles too hastily, fellow! Let us instead look resolutely toward an inner goal: doth thou wish to accompany me to a film later on in the course of my days.
mccxricekrispy: You speak of later days or of the day ahead of us?
jossungood: This one we are interlocked within.
mccxricekrispy: Ah, unfortunately, I must decline - my day is filled with too many burdensom scholarly task that I can't ignore or else it might be the demise of me
mccxricekrispy: I expect that if I were to attend, we would be viewing Science of Sleep, nay?
jossungood: Most definitely, your astute prediction doth not fail thee.
mccxricekrispy: Damnation upon my studies!