Wednesday, October 18, 2006

... What?

jossungood: So how'd you weekend faire thus far, mon amie?
mccxricekrispy: It sucketh be
mccxricekrispy: Too much studying on the weekends for me
mccxricekrispy: bout you my good man?
jossungood: What a shameth it be to hear such troubling news so as to befalleth upn thee, and I in somber retriubutino offer thee my most sincerest of apologies.
jossungood: Mine, it be one of a few pleasures paired with the insatiable inevitability of mundane bordom.
mccxricekrispy: Ah, poor soul, I believe the Lord has shown some disdain in us
jossungood: Ah, this be true fellow wanderer of misfortune.
mccxricekrispy: indeed
jossungood: Let us not count thine troubles too hastily, fellow! Let us instead look resolutely toward an inner goal: doth thou wish to accompany me to a film later on in the course of my days.
mccxricekrispy: You speak of later days or of the day ahead of us?
jossungood: This one we are interlocked within.
mccxricekrispy: Ah, unfortunately, I must decline - my day is filled with too many burdensom scholarly task that I can't ignore or else it might be the demise of me
mccxricekrispy: I expect that if I were to attend, we would be viewing Science of Sleep, nay?
jossungood: Most definitely, your astute prediction doth not fail thee.
mccxricekrispy: Damnation upon my studies!

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