Tuesday, December 05, 2006

My Audition for a Date with Kevin Smith

[Edited: Deleted video. Got annoying. Just click the damn link below]

Alright, here's what happened: while I was in L.A to see Kevin Smith in his Clerks II: Back to the Well for my birthday. My friend Spencer Brown and I were in the Secret Stash, you know, the one right next to the UCLA campus, when a group of what I assumed to be college students asked me if I would like to audition for a date with Kevin Smith. Two words popped into my mind: Fuck. Yeah. So, this was the product of it. Now, I am to ask you, the reader, a tremendous favor for me.

1) Click on this link.
2) Watch the video
3) Register into IMEEM
4) Rate the video a 5.
5)Share with other friends. And ask them to go through steps 1-5.

Now, if you want something in return, I can offer you this:
1) A part in my Henry and Hamdan Go to In-N-Out movie
2) A partical copy of the script (I assure you, the copy I'm working on is excellent and many times better than what has been previously posted online)
3) For every person you get to vote my video a 5, the bigger the chunk you're going to get in the "partial" copy of Henry and Hamdan Go to In-N-Out. I will know by the votes.
4) My love <3>

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