Sunday, January 21, 2007

Other Plans for the Future:
Film Festivals

Nothing big, just personal ones. You know, Movie Marathons. There are many movies that come with its own sequels or spin-offs that should be watched in its entirety. There are some shows that should earn its same respect. Here are several that I would like to plan sometime in the future, when I have enough time. And the equipment. And work space. And the freedom. And etc.

Star Wars Marathon: My idea would be to watch every single canon movie/episode in chronological order. From The Phantom Menace, onto Attack of the Clones, then the Clone Wars animated television series. Afterwards, we'd go back to the live version, with the horrendous portrayal of the baddest man in the Galaxy thanks to Hayden Christensen in Revenge of the Sith. And then, onto the originals: A New Hope,The Empire Strikes Back, and finally, Return of the Jedi. I imagine it would have to span from Noon until well into midnight, with some Star Wars video games while we set up. It'd be like a mini-convention. I just hope George Lucas doesn't subpoena me for it.

Venturing into the View Askewniverse: I am a Kevin Smith fag. I'm pretty sure a lot of you know about that. And what I'd like to pull off is showing every single movie taken place in the View Askewniverse, starting with cult hit Clerks, going onto the funny Mallrats, the controversial Dogma afterwards, the impressive Chasing Amy, the juvenile Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, and finally, the epic Clerks II. Heh, know what? I'm pretty sure some Smith fans across the country would be up for something like this. Heck, I bet the big Kahuna himself would probably join in himself. I've got an account on the View Askew forum boards where a lot of his fans frequent, and I just hope Kevin Smith doesn't mind me holding a Marathonin his honor. He seems like the type of guy to let this kind of stuff happen.

Ride on the Bebop: w00t! I must say, I never thought I could come up with some great titles for such marathons! Well, this one would have to be off of the ever-so-awesome and the epic anime, Cowboy Bebop. Now, I know that there are some people out there who absolutely shun themselves from anime due to the fact that it's... well, anime. However, I know of people who aren't even casual anime watchers, but rather movie buffs who've totally fallen for the charm of the series. (Here's looking at you, Danny P. and Josh C.) So I ask of you, random reader who has not seen an anime other than Pokemon and even despised that, look into Cowboy Bebop. The show combines great storytelling, beautifully done action, and a bloody awesome soundtrack. That not enough for you? Think 1940s noir with Star Trek, with Bruce Lee as the Captain and Clint Eastwood as the High Commander with the Great Gatesby. No lie. It is that awesome.

Okay, maybe you're not understanding. You have to look past the fact that it's an anime, and have to really, truly enjoy this anime as... more as a work of aesthetic beauty. Something that Siskel and Ebert - errr, sorry - Ebert and Roeper would praise. It has a strong American influence, most especially around the jazz era, and the music is the driving force of the anime. I mean, just listen - don't watch, listen, to the theme song,
"Tank!" by the Seatbelts. It's explosive, it's dynamic, it's hard to keep up, so much energy burning in it! And that's just the music! The Spaceship fighting reminds me so much of Star Wars, the hand-to-hand fighting reminscent of Bruce Lee, and the gunplay... My God, give me some time to breathe...

Errr, yes back to the event. Well, let's see... Most episodes span for 23 minutes, there are about 26 episodes, give or take 20 minutes if you cut off the end and beginning theme, so that's 520 minutes. Divide that by 60, you got yourself around 9 hours of Cowboy Bebop fun. Add to that the movie
Cowboy Bebop: Knockin on Heaven's Door, and you got around 12 hours of fun. From what I see, the event will probably have to go from early morning into late night, including breaks with music by the Seatbelts and Yoko Kanno.

This I can look forward to.

The 24 Marathon: Is it insane? Yes. Will I do it? For the sake of saying I have, yes. How many seasons are there? Six? Six fucking seasons of 24?

... This one is going to take a lot of planning. Maybe a two day marathon based off of one season per week. Yeah, that'll work.

The Bruce Lee Brawl: Not enough people are watching his movies. It's all about Jet Li, Jackie Chan, Donny Yen, or Chow Yun Fat. Nowadays. Don't get me wrong, the guys are all great. But come on, Bruce Lee? The man behind Jeet Kune Do! The man who could strike from three feet away in five hundredths of a second! Who could bike 10 miles in 45 minutes! The man who could do one hand push-ups with only two fingers! The movies? The Big Boss (Fist of Fury in America), Fist of Fury (The Chinese Connection), Way of the Dragon (Return of the Dragon), Enter the Dragon, and Game of Death.

Week of the Living Dead: Zombie movies. From George Romero, to Shaun of the Dead, to Versus. Evil Dead series, Zombie Flesh Eaters, 28 Days Later... But not Resident Evil. Heh, most likely around breaks, we'll probably whip out the good ol' zombie games like House of the Dead and Dead Rising. This will most likely be dated around Halloween, and last well past the Day of the Dead.

Week of Kung POW!: Kung Fu movies. Drunken Master (1&2), One Armed Boxer,a couple of Shaw Brother movies like Five Deadly Venoms and One Armed Boxer, a whole bunch of Gordon Liu movies, some John Woo movies with Chow Yun Fat. Yeah, this one is goin' to have to last a week. Ooh, better off, I should have this marathon go on during the Lunar New Year!

Mystery Science Theatre 3000: A whole night filled with the crappiest of B-rated movies. Why go through the torture? Cause Crow T. Bot and Tom Server makes everything all the more better. The shows got cult status, and it'll teach you a thing or two about what not to do when making a movie. Not to mention, hilarity.

The Cult: A whole week filled with good ole' cult movies, and cult classics. The plan is to randomly choose a bunch of cult movies, and a bunch of cult television series, and show them over a span of the week. Speakin' of B movies and Cult followings...

The Classics: I'm talkin' about the movies that are well known throughout the decades. Often parodied, often talked about, often known about amongst movie buffs. Citizen Kane, Seven Samurai, Casablanca, Singin' in the Rain, Psycho, Roshomon, 8 1/2, Sholay, A Better Tomorrow, The Unknown Soldier, No Man's Land - and the list goes on and on. Most likely, this marathon is going to go on for awhile... But it's meant for people who're looking for aesthetic beauty within movies.

Well, that's about all I want to think of right now. Most likely, I'm probably going to do a couple of these marathons, not all. I just don't have the time. However, this is a list for ideas. If anybody want to use any of them, go on ahead, I highly encourage it. I hope it kind of stirs somethin' in you to try to hold a movie marathon as well. Just make sure that you invite the right people. And have enough munchies and liquids. And toilets. And Febreeze, just in case somebody decides to fart or if the room starts smelling bad.


Joshua H. Coronado, Esq. said...

I'm in; drop me a line.

de_Moon said...

Ryry-chan boy, where do you come up with this stuff? Damn, I'd like to be this creative :D A little late coming question: how did it work? Hm, did it work? Got the thing recorded somewhere? Cause if you have ... you know where to send it (not hotmail, gmail):b Cause it truly sounds like some epic proportion stuff ... HUGE. Like Gladiator or Alamut :D Stay good