Monday, September 25, 2006

Henry and Hamdan Go to In-N-Out

Yes indeedy, ladies and gents, the vulgar and amature works of Henry "Pootie Chang" which first started off a fun idea, has involved into something more. This is going to be turned into my own film, and yes, it will be a full-length film. So far, I've just finished the script, and it looks to be around 70 pages - which is pretty decent. However, after I finish with it, I can tell that I'm probably going to up it around 100 pages. So far, the future for this project looks promising. I already have a bunch of people up for casting (Only problem now is having them actually act) and I have a great executive producer who's already almost as passionate about this project as me (I'm looking at you, Jonathan Hoey). The script is looking good, and the future for this movie is looking better.

Oh, and sorry I haven't been updating lately. Classes have been taking up most of my life, so I probably won't be posting as much. However, this will by my primary blog from now on.

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