Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Three Months

Well, three months as of yesterday. I'm usually against exposing any part of my life on blogs. It is the whole reason why I ditched Xanga in the first place. Too many thirteen year olds bitchin' about their life, whining, complaining, sitting around typing about their pains and sorrows online for the whole world to see and get involved with instead of actually dealing with the situation. It depresses me to think that I used to be one of those teenagers... Of course, I wasn't dedicated enough to go to my Xanga and write about it. But I digress.

February 14, 2007. I've been meaning to write about 2/14/07 for awhile. Unfortunately, never really got around it. Things came up, I got lazy, and distracted. You know how it is sometimes.

That morning, I didn't show up to jazz band at all. In fact, I was fortunate - there was no jazz band that morning. I was even late to 1st Period band. But with good reason, too. You see, the weekend before, I had to pull a couple of strings. Had to find a friend in Interact and have them reserve half a dozen roses. The night before, I had a friend of mine take me out shopping. And a certain somebody found something waiting for her every period.

1. Rose. 4 Hershey Kisses. Note with "Meet."
2. Rose. Singing Gram from Choir; "Bless the Broken Road", with a heart shaped donut. Note with "Me."
3. Rose. A bag of Hershey
Hugs and Kisses with a note telling her to turn the bag upside down above her head, she she could be showered with "Hugs and Kisses." Note with "On."
4. Rose. With lunch (riceballs) and a sweater that I owe her. Note with "The."
5. Rose. Tiger plushie that reacts everytime you press his paw. Note with "Left Blank Intentionally"
6. Rose. Note with "Roof."

I tried to avoid her the whole day. And the only time I saw her was during my lunch. I was running around, setting a couple of these gifts into plan - when I peeked my head outside of the mini-band hall and saw her coming. I immediately ran back inside, and dropped the gifts in there. I walked out of the band room, nonchalantly as possible and the both of us made eye contact. She was wearing this pink sweater, with pearls around her neck. She just looked at me, and gave a soft laugh. She knew it was me the whole time. Of course - I play no games, and I have been coming off pretty strong for awhile.

Fast forward to the roof. There I was. Dressed for occasion. Black button up shirt, despite the blazing heat, and jeans to match. I was waiting for fifteen minutes, nervous, wondering if maybe she copped out on me and went home, couldn't face me because of the whole magnitude of it. I mean, I've never really done
anything like this to anybody before. True, I admit I've always been a romantic at heart. But never have I actually carried out these romantic desires. And here I was, standing on the roof, waiting for a girl that I just gave half a dozen roses, enough chocolate to kill a chocoholic of cocoa poisoning, a stuffed French tiger that comes onto you every chance it gets, a band sweater that she's expected from me for awhile, lunch that I worked hard to make the night before, and... well, hopefully she knows the intention behind all of it. She's a smart girl. No doubt she knows.

My cellphone goes off. My friend calls me, and tells me that she's looking for me. As soon as he said that - there I see her. Walking towards me, with everything in her arms. I tell him that I see her, and hang up on her. The both of dropped our stuff down, and well... I started. Gosh, I was so nervous. I remember telling her quite embarrassingly that this was easier to do in front of a mirror. I was fumbling all around with my words, shaking. Then, she held me. Calmed me down. Then, I just spit it out.

"Will you be my Valentine?"

Of course. We stayed up there for forty minutes. People called our cellphones. People were looking for us. Heck, even one of the administrators called us on the school intercom system.

"Will you please come out of your hiding place?"

But neither of us heard them. Neither of us cared. Much to my chagrin, half the band had sectionals that day, and half of them heard the administrators message to us. But I've never done anything like that. "Sounds like something that came out of a movie" - I've gotten that response more than once. And as of today, three months and one day later, I want to wish that certain special person:

:] Happy Three Months, Caitlin "CJ" Jaqlein Kemble. <3

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Nahu said...

Damn you romantic bastard, you're making the rest of us look bad :P

Though I'be pulled my fair share of stunts. Congrats to you both, you seem like a lovely couple!

P.D. two years with my girl tomorrow, hope you make it this far!