Saturday, December 27, 2008

Apparently, I do have an audience!

I woke up sometime around three in the afternoon today, much to my horror. I never sleep past 1:30 PM, but three?! I've practically slept my whole day away! Probably wouldn't have done much with it, anyways...

I woke up to an empty house. Sure, for awhile my uncle, aunt, and baby cousin were meandering about, but after I brushed my teeth and took a shower, I walked out to find the house quiet. After my supper of Pho (because I've slept through breakfast and lunch), I grew quickly bored of what was happening around my house: nothing. I tried to remedy the situation with the internet, but it seems like every time I have the opportunity to use the internet all I want - I find no entertainment in it. And during times when I shouldn't be distracted by it e.g. finals studying, paper writing, homework, and so on - the internet is more interesting to me than whatever my studies can provide.

So, instead, I call my friend Miki Fukusumi for a chat over at Starbucks. I haven't seen her in ages - several years, actually - and decided to have a pleasant chat to see how she's doing. I don my trademark hat, and my large coat, gave myeslf a quick shave, and rushed on over there. On my way, surprisingly enough, my trusty friend Cody Speidel from high school found me in the parking lot. He's always been a kind, warm, brotherly type of fellow to me - we grew apart during the past year and I regret it. However, I did try to spend some time with him over my Christmas break, but to no avail - the number he gave me was not a working number. His girlfriend was with him, and the car was pungent with Little Caeser's pizza.

After the random chance encounter, I saw somebody that I recognized from high school outside. She was one of those faces that I see around campus a lot during my time over at Diamond Ranch High School but I never knew her name. It wasn't until I went inside Starbucks that I learned her name after all these years - Marcy.

I learned her name from another random encounter - three girls who were in my class throughout middle school and high school were there, talking it up with Miki. Tina Stutzman, Sam Zeeman, and Marika Hoeckman - odd how I'm still able to remember how to spell their last name. Then again, I have known them since middle school - I've had six years to remember.

Miki couldn't stick around long - apparently, she had a prior engagement she forgot about. Luckily, I had Tina, Sam, and Marika to keep me company. Completely random, but it was nice to see them again - most especially after high school. We played the usual game of Catch Up that every former classmates play with each other and learned some new things about other people in our lives. It was from them that I learned of Marcy's name, and at the same time it was from them that I learned that I had an audience - apparently, Tina reads my blog/notes on Facebook. Don't blame her - honestly, what's there better to do in college? Study? *pretentious scoff done in a sarcastic manner that conveys that I'm just jesting but quite possibly not*

Afterward, I spent my evening with Jessika Taylor-Nunez, another old friend from high school that graduated before I did. It was nice catching up - and once again, I randomly encountered other people from my high school: Airi Ando and Alex He. Jessika and Airi were both in band with me, and I believe Alex was in my Physics class my sophomore year. Jessika and I left Airi and Alex to their conversation after we said our hellos. Apparently, Jessika's a victim of revertigo - a condition where you start acting and dressing like you did in the past when you start spending time with people you used to hang out with. College students suffer from this most especially when they come back home.

And now, here I am. I'm writing because well - I promised Tina, Sam, and Marika that I would blog about it. They probably don't quite remember that I mentioned it, but I'm pretty sure Tina will read through this and remember an inkling of it, won't you, Tina?

Alright, I must finish up The Day the Earth Stood Still - I've had my web browser open to it all day on Youtube and I've hardly touched it. Mind you, I'm watching the original version, not the one with crappy Keanu Reeves; I haven't seen it yet, but with Keanu Reeves playing Klaatu, it has to be crap.

Hmm... considering that it is the day after Christmas, I should probably write about the loot I received for Jesus's birthday... A fabulous tie that I received from my cousin (which is actually spot on - I like dressing up in business attire and such) as well as $140 of cold hard cash. Always nice to have cash in the pockets :D

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