Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I'd Rather Fight Apollo Creed

... then have to fight this cold! Thankfully, I'd filled up on my Vitamin C via fresh orange and pineapple so my sinuses aren't that stuffed right now. Additionally, I'm listening to A Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack and it gets me into a festive mood - most especially this time of year! I found it odd, though, that Wes Anderson always uses this album in his movies, no matter what the season... I don't blame him though, it's always a great thing to listen to. Kudos to the Vince Guaraldi Trio!

And hey even
Arrested Development has used A Charlie Brown Christmas, too!

Oh, how I miss this show... Thank God they're making a movie for it, though!

There was a point to this post aside from connecting Charlie Brown to Wes Anderson and Arrested Development...

Oh yeah! A time for reflection, considering that finals are over - as well as my first quarter of college!

I'm still having a hard time wrapping my mind around the idea that I am a college student. But since the break-up - and you guys know what break-up I'm talking about - I feel myself assimilating to college life. Since I've been at UCI, I find myself more politically active and more in tune with what's going on in the world; I find this undying thirst for more movies to watch, books to read, theater to enjoy insatiable. Then again, I think I've always had the latter. I find myself more and more on digg.com and reddit.com finding whatever I find interesting to catch my eye. I don't know why, but as of late, I find myself more and more comfortable in college - and then Winter Break comes by.

Quite honestly, I didn't want to leave the dorms quite yet - I mean, I was just getting used to college! There's something about waking up in the dorms with no obligation to do anything that feels absolutely great. I mean, I had this image that I'd be studying hardcore all the time, an hour to two for every hour in class.

Not the case at all.

Instead, I found myself back to my old habits, procrastinating. I was working on my paper for Jane Austen's
Persuasion and I didn't really finish it until the day of. I was working on it with my new friend, Marie Pham - of no relation, the both of us happen to share the same last name - and the both of us decided to come into class late so we can work on our paper a bit longer and finish it. We didn't show up until the last five minutes of class. We turned our paper in, happy with the fact that we were able to finish our last paper of the quarter. From what they tell us, next quarter we're going to be doing research papers. I don't mind, I quite like doing research. Actually, I quite like doing papers. I don't know whether it's the writer or masochist in me that has a liking towards writing papers, but I am kind of looking forward to next quarter because of this.

Oh, and I've signed up for an Introduction to Criminology class. It should be fun - I've always taken an interest in law, and who knows - this class might be the push I need to decide upon a career. Not to mention, I hear there's a lot of writing in my class, and considering that writing is my forte, I'm down for whatever is thrown at me.

Hmmm... I seem to be losing my attention span on this post. I think I'm going meander around on the internet before I get some well-needed rest.

"Christmastime is here/Happiness and cheer"

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