Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Poking my head out of the hole...

I was supposed to write something last weekend. I forgot to. Or rather, I got lazy.

I've really got to work on my laziness. It's seriously biting me back in the ass. I'm weeks behind on my reading - and anybody who's been around me for the last couple weeks knows I've been repeating that for awhile.

Last weekend would've been the two year mark. Those of you know what I'm talking if you were there in high school with me. For those of you who weren't - the ex-gf and I would've been going out for two years. On Valentine's Day.

And oddly enough, I carried myself quite well. I was worried that I was going to reduce myself to a bumbling fool, but nay! That day really wasn't as bad as I thought it would be in retrospect. Granted, yes, it could be better, but hey, I'm fine with what's life thrown at me. Had my first Lion Dance gig that day, too. Stage fright got the best of me - in the sense that I didn't perform as well as I hope I would. But hey, least I got a performance underneath my belt.

Quite recently, I've found jazz again. And Monica, my harmonica - I left her back in Diamond Bar and I was feeling empty without her. Over the weekend, I got a hold of some Miles Davis, John Coltrane, and Dave Brubeck albums. God, how I miss Jazz- I feel like jazz gives people a certain amount of respectable, mature class that's missing in my generation. I also cracked open the old trumpet I had in my closet. The buttons are a bit rusty, but I've got at trumpet... Hey, maybe I'll pick that up over the summer. That, and the piano. I need music back in my life.

My iPod's - Bruce Campbell Moan, or Bruce, or BCM, or just BC for short - has been doing a good job of that. I can understand why people carry around iPods. It adds a soundtrack to an already boring and uneventful life. And considering the rainy weather, its appropriate when my shuffle goes to The Postal Service songs.

I need to get back into acting. Music. The liberal arts - I need to use my left brain a bit more. Speaking of which, I have been, actually - with 24 Hour Film Dash coming up, my minds been reeling with ideas and shots and random snippets of scenes that I can put into films. I'm excited - and nervous. My eyes are getting too big for my stomach with the ideas that are in my head, so I'm pretty sure I'm setting myself up for disappointment. I usually do. I gotta bring myself down to Earth.

Still, it's nice to do a little scriptwriting again. I've read through a couple books of scriptwriting and understand the craft better than before. I'm trying to put it into practice, but it's kind of hard doing that with five minute scripts. Nevertheless, a creative epiphany hit me. I just need to put it down on paper.

I should really catch up on my reading.

But then again, I've been saying that for weeks.

Oh, and Levni Yilmaz from Tales of Mere Existence made a new video. Take a look:

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