Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Friend of mine, Jessika Taylor-Nunez, were talking awhile back about the good old band days. She brought something to my attention - there's something about hanging out with someone into the late night and being there in the early morning... Maybe it's just me, but I feel there's something about that experience that kind of binds people - some bonding time, you know, being there when the sun rises and the birds chirps.

I found myself reliving that moment with my 24 Hour Film Dash film crew. It was exciting - staying up 24 hours, with friends - several new.

Yeah, I have to admit our movie is absolutely cheesy. But it was fun, and exciting making it. And I feel we have quite the film crew with us - several of us have good acting experience, a couple of us great editing/filming skills, and a pair of great writers. Only problem were the restrictions that the competition gave us - but I'm pretty sure once we get a couple scripts going and exercise our creative freedom, we can make some great works.

As for our movie - once it's up, I'll let you guys know. Despite the fact that I hate seeing/hearing myself on stage/screen.

I haven't written in here for awhile. What can I say? Been busy. But here I am again.

Odd thing happened to me today. I was walking with the Caucasian (Tristan) to grab a caffeinated cold drink when we came across a turtle. Grazing on the grass. Eating. In the middle of UCI. It was just chilling there, eating. I found it highly entertaining. I looked around for a manhole, and pondered upon the possibility of finding radioactive sludge... But then I remembered how John Cusack turned out in the end of Fat Man and Little Boy (absolutely terrible movie, by the way) and decided against it.

You know, I've realized how close I've gotten to the people in my hall. Figure it was bound to happen, after living with each other for this long. But I just realized how comfortable I was around these guys. Honestly, I initially wanted back home or wanted to live in Middle Earth (the other housing complex for freshmen at UCI, and yes, it is name after the Tolkien setting) because the former I feel less like a social retard and the latter I feel my nerdiness could get me further there. But then again, I would not be hanging out with some of the pretty rad people living in this hall, Viento.

I've been listening to Tally Hall again. And apparently, their online internet series have been posted on their website (Google it up, I'm too lazy). A friend of mine (here's looking at you, Perdomo) would call me gay for liking them, but hell, I can't help it. They've got amazing harmony, genius instrumentation, their upbeat songs put me in my happy place - and looking through their online video series, I declare them a favorite band of mine.

I mean, watch this:

I feel like I could mesh with these gentlemen quite well. In fact, they've kind of inspired me to find a ukelele and pick up a song or two of theirs. But unfortunately, I'm not so sure if I got the time for that...

I've found myself remarkably busy as of late. I think the 24 Hour Film Dash did something to me. I don't know what, but I feel like something good. And I think it correlates with my business all of a sudden.

I've been listening to a lot of jazz lately. More so than usual. I can't help it. I think jazz is classy, and I like to consider myself a man of class. I'd like to declare Charlie Parker my jass favortie saxophonist, Dave Brubeck my favorite jass pianist and Glen Miller my favorite when it comes to big band/swing. As for trumpets, I still need to explore that - as well as trombone. Don't know why, but I feel I need to venture back into jazz. It was one of the only things I would look forward to in high school after marching season was over...

I seem to keep on reverting back to my desire to relive high school, huh? I can't help it. High school I really enjoyed. But college isn't anything that I hoped for. I don't know, I guess I had this idea that soon as I came out here, I'd be able to find a hip, happening crowd that's well-verse and cultured in music, movies, theatre, and pop culture and stuff, and I'd be able to hang out with them in coffee shops and just find ourselves deep in discussion, and I'd be up to date with the latest alternative fashion/subculture. Like a beatnik of the early 21st century or something...

And look where I am now. Granted, I feel college is growing more and more on me. I'm just having a hard time finding people with the same things in common with me. Maybe I just need to put myself out more... And stop being so cooped up in my room.

I'm sorry if the post seems a bit scatter-brained - I've been meaning to write for a week, and I have yet to put anything up.

I figure anything would work. I wonder if any of you still read this...

Hey, do me a favor. I'm just wondering, but for those of you guys who actually read these posts - leave a comment? Just this one time. I want to know who actually reads my online ramblings.

... Oh God I just realized how emo this post sounds. Forgive me! I'll try not to sound like a whiny bitch in the future!

Crap. It's 4:14 AM. I got class in less than 5 hours. Well, least I got a post up.

Up. Up. And away!


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