Monday, January 19, 2009

Another distraction from homework....

Well, this weekend has been very unproductive for me. And this week does not bode well for me... Nothing but work and attempts to study.

All I can really recall of my weekend is my time with some Gio Nam/Southern Wind/Lion Dance buddies - Hung Le and Nam Nguyen. Came as a bit of a surprise - Sunday they called me out for some Dim Sum and I came along. Afterwards, we went out to go fishing off the Balboa Pier in Newport Beach.

A familiar, bittersweet sight lies at the end of this pier: The Ruby's Diner that I took my ex-girlfriend to on her 17th Birthday... Those were good times. But times I didn't let cloud my mind as I stood at the pier, attempting to catch some fish. It wasn't until Hung gave me some sage advice on fishing that the fish really started biting. And I have to say, I really did enjoy myself. Just standing there, taking in the scene, letting the loudspeakers of Ruby's Diner play some old music reminiscent of the Prohibition, old American chauvanism, the Great Depression - and best of all, jazz. I enjoyed the bonding time genuinely.

And the verdict? Three mackerels and two scorpion fish.

We brought home more or less 20 mackerels in a bucket. I came back to the dorm with a zip lock bag of five mackerels - now freezing in my fridge - as well as a pair of jeans stained with fish guts.

I'm not looking forward to school, though. I think I got a lot of studying and working to do. I'm going to try to endure some minimal sleep. See how that works out for me.

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penman scribe said...

so this is what you do: take a look at those fish that are trapped in the zip lock bag and remember that that is how you used to be. TRAPPED. =]how do you like them apples?