Monday, January 05, 2009

I'm An Idiot

I just learned how to add titles to this blog...

God, this would have helped a long time ago. Oh well, the more you know.

Putting my idiocy aside, I feel like I really needed that winter break. As I arrived in my dorm the other day, a lot of my dormmates were surprised to see me wearing a gray fedora and a suit jacket - well, I guess when you're not wearing a suit jacket with a full on suit, I guess it's a blazer - a blazer. Those paired with my Vans Limited Edition Era in antique gold and black:

Trust me, these look a lot better on my feet than in this picture.

I have to admit - damn, I look fresh.

I walked through UCI feeling like a new man. I've got a newer, chipper attitude, a new look and style, and I'm feeling more confident than I did last quarter. Granted, my studying habits still haven't changed and there's that possibility that in a couple weeks I'll fall back to my old ways...

But here's hoping I improve! Or stay the way I am right now...

I made small adjustments in my room that I must admit I quite like. Well, quite honestly the only adjustment I've done is put all the books I care about onto my desk shelf - which actually helps with the look of my room a lot.

And also, during lecture today, Professor Lupton was talking about "Making" as a core theme for our lecture - and all this talk about making had me in a mood to "make" a script. So, throughout the lecture, I made a start on a script. From the looks of it, it looks decent. The dialogue's kind of got that whimsical Seinfield/Tarantino element in a sense that the audience is caught in a random conversation shared between two acquaintances/friends. I'm going to try to develop it into a little crime/comedy type of short film from the looks of it...

... and from the looks of it, I've ignored my Italian homework for much too long. Alright, off I go.

... and you know, from the looks of how this year is starting - it's going to be a real good year.

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