Sunday, January 04, 2009

Perfect Way to Start Off the New Year

After a night of miscellaneous video games and Death Race down in San Diego, I had my bags packed and ready for Santa Barbara county! I've previously stated in one of my earlier posts my plans for New Years. New Year Eve was - sad to say - uneventful and as climatic as my sex life.

And I have no sex life.

By no means I didn't enjoy myself; it was nice being able to see and spend some time with several of the folks that were able to grace me with their presence. I just wish we could have spent our time somewhere other than where we were: in a mansion with drunk, older adults who finished the alcohol before we could get the chance. I mean, it's one thing talking about our debauchery with alcohol, but another thing when there is alcohol within the household that we cannot touch. I'm not insinuating that we needed alcohol to enjoy ourselves.

Just that it sure as hell would have helped.

Anywho, the first day of my New Year's Day was in an Recreational Vehicle - an RV. I was meandering around in it, playing my DS within the presence of Spencer Brown, Eric Coressel, Christopher Buckley, and Claire Cylkowski. I spent a lot of time with them throughout high school and I was excited about reliving those times again. Spencer's father was the man behind the wheel; he took good care of us throughout our trip; he was the one who made us our meals and drove us around to our destinations. Ah yes, Mike Brown, a great character who works over at Cal Poly Pomona - he would give his mini-lectures and anecdotes of his experiences that kept us entertained.

We spent Day One traveling and setting up for the days ahead of us. The drive to the Santa Barbara county went very smoothly; there was no traffic. I was as surprised as the others, and took this as a good sign for the rest of our trip. We arrived in Refugio Beach, a beautiful state park. We parked close to the beach and took advantage of that; that night we walked along the beach, bitching about how cold it was but at the same time trying to catch sight of shooting stars. Being out in that part of California, stars were actually visible in the sky and it was a beautiful sight.

Day Two was spent the way I envisioned: a fun trip through Solvang. Solvang is a quaint Danish city that is a popular tourist attraction. Whilst exploring the city, we made a stop through several thrift stores that we've frequented before; it was there that I found more to add to my wardrobe. We also collected a handful of golf balls and a club. We dined at Solvang Restaurant - famous for their delicious aeblskivers and one of the filming locations of Sideways. Of course, we found the restaurant before the producers of Sideways did. We made a visit to Jule Hus, Inc. - a store that sold Christmas ornaments and decorations year round. It was there the guys and I found a very cute girl at the counter; Claire rolled her eyes at us whilst we acted like little school boys, chanting "Please be legal." Legal or not, I was able to get a picture of and with her; unfortunately, it was on Chris's camera, so I doubt I'll be seeing it anytime soon.

After our day at Solvang, we spent the rest of our night on the beach; Spencer and Christ did their surf fishing while Claire, Eric, and I smoked cigars and sipped on our soft drinks. Eric had speakers attached to his Zune, so we had our share of Sublime and Doctor Horrible; an interesting combination. Afterwards, we played a round of golf on the beach whilst purposely hitting them into the large water hazard in front of us. We slept late that night; however, Claire couldn't get that much sleep on account of my sonorous snoring. Sorry, Claire.

Day Three we spent fishing over at Gaviota - our favorite camping and fishing spot. There's a train track that runs through the site, but its a ways from the campground. In addition, the pier also promises some sea life for us to catch. Initially, the fish weren't biting throughout the day, but come sunset, we were lucky to be at the right spot and the right time: we were catching perch off the pier for a good half hour before they went away. I'm proud to say that I caught the biggest one - unfortunately, we didn't get to eat our catch. Instead, we went to AJ Spurs, a steakhouse that provided quite a hefty meal yet at quite a hefty price. I attempted to order a Butch Cassidy; they were out of burgers. A steakhouse. Out of ground beef. I was a bit puzzled but I didn't let that get me - I ordered something else to appease my appetite. That night, Spencer, Eric, and I finished off what was left of the golf balls; we knocked a couple golf balls off the railroad tracks (not the safest thing on Earth...) towards the sea and finished the rest on the beach before heading off to bed.

Playing golf off of this is scary as fuck.

This morning we all woke up and got ready to leave for home. We had a meager breakfast of toast and tea and waited around inside whilst heading back home (It seems like I've had tea with every single meal during my time out there; in fact, I've drank more tea within these last four days than all last year.). My DS was already out of batteries from battling the Elite Four Pokemon League the other night so I finished up Clockwork Orange. I completed it an hour before we got home and I spent most of that time looking out the window. Our trip back home was as smooth as our trip away from it - no traffic, just constant pressing of the gas pedal.

And now here I am. I have clothes lying around right now that I should pack away for my return back to UCI. I shall be returning with a fistful of cash, a slightly new wardrobe that shall greatly change my appearance, and greatly refreshed from a long and highly enjoyable break.

And you know what?

I can quite honestly say that this has been the best Winter break for me ever.

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