Saturday, January 17, 2009

Notes to self

Just ideas that I need to put out there. Lists, and such. And who doesn't like lists?

Ways to Kill Boredom:
- With a hatchet
- Epic Nerf Gun battle with fortresses made out of couches
- Golfing on the beach
- Ice blocking
- Drawing on windows with dry erase markers
- Golfing on rooftops
- Shopping cart jousting
- Street hockey
- Flash Mob

Costume Ideas:
- Oddjob from James Bond
- Kiss
- Zombies w/ survivors of Left 4 Dead & cast of Resident Evil
- Boo from Super Mario
- Yip Yip from Sesame Street
- Muppets
- Barbershop Quartet

This will be updated throughout the year. Now I just need the will to go through with it.

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