Sunday, January 11, 2009

Dreamt about Barack Obama last night

We were in Hawaii. In the ocean for some odd reason. It was tropical. There were sharks and giant reefs. We went back to his house, and had dinner there. He seems like a really chill guy. We just sat down, leaned against a glass window that looked into his backyard that was the Pacific Ocean and just talked while his house was busy. My ex-girlfriend was also there, for some odd reason - leaning between me and Barack. Wolverine was also somewhere in my dream, too.

This dream is probably in response to some thoughts weighing in my mind. Hawaii - well, I can't really explain why I thought of that. I'm guessing it's from Forgetting Sarah Marshall and that movie's kind of been on my mind lately. The sharks I don't remember so much - probably from the article I read about the man who inspired the character Quint in Jaws. The ex-girlfriend's appearance, well - it's a bit obvious. Wolverine? Hells-fucking-yeah that's been on my mind!

And then there's Barack.

'Course he's been on my mind for awhile. Not because he's the next President-elect but because I'm worried for him. And his career.

Yes, he's got charisma, and yes, he's our first ethnic president - but he's also being fucked over by our friend George Dubya. He's being handed eight years of an unpopular war, a spiraling recession, and a lot of high expectations.

He's already made several good calls. He's elected people who are actually qualified for their positions in the cabinet. He's got Hillary Clinton as his Secretary of State - which is good for this divisive Democrats who are all hardcore for the Cliton. Arne Duncan as our Secretary of Education - and this guy is the current Chief Executive Officer of the Chicago Public Schools. But the thing that's really got to me? The nomination of Steven Chu as our Secretary of Energy - a real fucking Nobel Prize winning fucking scientist.


Rumor has it, he's pulling a Gerald Ford and there's a possibility that he might pardon our good friend Dubya from all war crimes that he could be indicted for.

Now you can understand why I worry for the guy. Obviously there are going to be people out there, wanting to tear Bush piece by piece who feel that Bush should get a trial. And I can understand why Obama doesn't want to - "moving forward" and such... But this is going to be terrible for his approval ratings.

Not to mention, I feel like a Depression is inevitable. Sure, the economy is looking up for now - but once Obama's approval ratings drop, people are going to start criticizing him, faith is gonna be loss, stock market's going to drop rapidly, bada-bing! Maybe it's me being paranoid...

But it's articles like this that's got me all shits and scaries. The Great Depression II - seems imaginable, but then again so did another World War. And so did another Indiana Jones movie.

I'm hungry. I think I'm going to go eat now.

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