Thursday, January 22, 2009

I have a new found respect for my boss

Well, at least my supervisor, Carla. She's one of the peoplethat control my salary - or more like, controls the hours I can work. Anywho, we had an interesting conversation going on about comic books and science fictionl; she's read all the comic books I have read, and then some. Neil Gaiman, Alan Moore, Sandman, 30 Days of Night, Watchmen, Star Wars, Star Trek...

And then, I found out I'm working next weekend. Not jumping for joy over that, but at least I'm getting hours. Not to mention, there's a Super Bowl party that Sunday at work. Think I'll go to that - I'm feeling a bit more comfortable around my co-workers, so I think I'll let myself loosen up over there. Must find something to make to contribute to the potluck... (Note to self: Make sure there's still money for work study...)


THEY ARE TEH SECKS! (Link totally sfw, just linked to the blog I found these off of)

I am also submitting to an impulse buy of Ninja Tacks. They're thumbtacks, in Ninja Star form.
Okay, enough ignoring homework. I've really got to stop putting off homework pass midnight...


Judy Lan said...

i have those specks :D
but they're lenseless, haha.

where do you work :O

The Essential Pham! said...

I work at the Bren Events Center as a Crew Member - I do a lot of setting up and cleaning up