Monday, November 10, 2008

In the News...

According to the New York Times, the working poor and young have received the most injury during this time of recession.

The Daily Mail reports that 1.9 billions year ago, "an amoeba-like organism engulfed a bacterium that had developed the power to use sunlight to break down water to make oxygen" - kind of like chloroplast. See where I'm going with this? This amoeba-like organism is the ancestor of all vegetation on Earth.

Genetically modified honey bees
are being put to work to save the current bee disaster; colonies of bees are collapsing and nobody knows why.

6000 Muslim clerics in India are endorsing a fatwa against terrorism.

Tyson say that their chicken is anti-biotic free. However, the unborn aren't.

Italian football - or "soccer" - players are falling dead by the dozen.

Inequality in California.

Cloverfield via Google Maps

Oh wait, here's something that isn't new: I have way too much time on my hands.

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