Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Let This Be Public...

I, Henry Pham, by the power of the internet, am announcing my intent to lose as much weight as I can and to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Lord needs I've needed it since... forever. But now, it's gotten serious.

I decided to go to the ARC - the Anteater Recreation Center - and weighed myself.

"Good GOD." I said to myself

I've always told myself, "Henry. You gotta lose weight. We're gonna start next week!"

And then it becomes a vicious cycle from week to week of the same phrase. And now, I figure - the best way for me to commit to this is to make this public. Cause the best kind of motivation is public humiliation.

My name is Henry Pham. I am 5'5". I weigh 214 lbs. And boy, do I need to lose weight. I shall blog my attempt at losing weight - my goal is to become 150. I'm trying to lose 60 lbs.

... I'm trying to lose 60 lbs. That's a fucking a lot.

Oh, well. I've had no problems with commitments before. I might as well commit to this. It's a wonder why I haven't committed to this. I know somewhere along the road, there is going to be reluctance - I'm going to need some major push from people.

So, it is official. As of tonight, I have already started - I went to the ARC, ran for a mile, burned 100 calories on the elliptical machine. It's a start. Hopefully, I can amp it up a little next time around.

Here we go! 214 lbs - 60 lbs = GOAL! Here we go!

(I'm going to weigh myself once every two weeks to document my progress. If I do not, I need anybody who reads this to bug me. And call me fat. And mean names. Like I said, public humiliation can be one hell of a motivator.)

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