Thursday, November 20, 2008

So Close to Learning the Secrets of Wrestling...

So close!

I had a weird dream last night. I was taking a nap, and for some reason, I was endowed with the ability to actually play well at Street Fighter. Odd thing is, I haven't played Street Fighter in months. And somehow, my dream segued into a parking lot, dim-lit with orange street lights. For some reason, several of my friends and I were walking towards some destination... and as soon as we walked past a brick wall, a couple G-men were waiting for us. The one of the Suits just asks me, "Do you want to know the secrets to wrestling?"

Wrestling? I don't know where this came from. Maybe it was from talking to Noah - an Asian kid (Go figure, welcome to UCI) from Diamond Bar High School (and NOT Diamond Ranch High School) who did varsity wrestling for a couple years...


I wanted to know. Maybe I become a luchador or something? It'd be great - I mean, I really see no practical use for the wrestling moves, but hey, if there's a secret to it, why not find out what it is?

So, the Suit tells me, "The secret to wrestling is-"

My phone rings. It's night time. I overslept my nap. Tristan calls me to ask me if I wanted to go to dinner.

And to think, I was so close to learning the secrets of wrestling...

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