Monday, November 24, 2008

Wish List

I'm looking for an excuse to not to do homework right now. And what better way than making lists? Because everybody likes lists! Either it be a Top Ten list or a list of groceries! Black Friday is coming about. And that is the prime day for Christmas shopping. And with Christmas around the corner, I have a whole crapload of things in mind that I plan on getting myself one way or another. A lot of these items I've been wanting for a long time, and sometime in the future, I plan on obtaining them. One way or another. There really is no order to the way I list these items.

1) Smoking Robe

Because I need one. I love the grandiose, the laughably over-the-top nature of anybody wearing it. And I want it. Do I plan on smoking once I get myself one of these? Probably. Maybe a cigar. Or a pipe. Or better off - those toy pipes that you can blow bubbles in. I'm also going to need some slippers to add to my robe...

2) iPod

I wasn't going to want one of these. I told myself I wouldn't. But after many years I've seen so many of these around - I want to jump on the bandwagon. I know this goes against my loyalty towards PCs but since the crash of my last PC-run laptop aka HAL2000 (Rest in Peace, my beauty) I've been leaning more and more towards Macs. But alas, I wait for the next Microsoft OS, Microsoft 7, before I pass judgment. Not to mention, I just can't get used to Macs. Wait, what does this have to do with iPods? I want an iPod. I want to have music to carry around and listen to while I'm waiting around or working out. I don't care if it promotes anti-social behavior - I don't plan on talking to the women to the left of my while I'm on the treadmill. Now, I'm not looking for the latest iPods - hell, I'd do with an iPod Mini. But I don't want a shuffle. Sure, they're cheap, but I'd like to choose my music. And I'd like to watch video while I'm at it. I mean, who doesn't?

3) A Wii Game.

I've been long overdue a video game. I only game I own for the Wii is Super Smash Brothers Brawl, and as great of a game that is, it isn't enough to satisfy me. I need more! My gaming cravings have been empty lately, and even my DS is starting to lose its fun for me. So, I request one of the following:

-Wii Sports
-Wii Play
-Super Paper Mario
-Rock Band
-Call of Duty: World at War
-The Godfather: Blackhand Edition
-Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World
-House of the Dead: Overkill
-Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

That's about all I got... A lot of these games have captured my fancy, and I would absolutely love to add these to my library! I plan on getting them one way or another, but not until after Chinese New Year - after I get my fistful of dollars! Weee! And, for those of you looking to buy one of these for me, if none of those are affordable, some Wii Points would be awesome, as well!

4) An Analog Watch

I need one. I used to have one, but since the strap on it broke, I've been devoid of a watch. Sure, I can use my cellphone to tell time, but I sometimes just prefer to take a glance at my wrists. That, and I miss having a wristwatch. Made my wardrobe feel... more complete.

5) Running Shoes
I've been trying to exercise lately. Unfortunately, I don't have the right shoes to work out in. I've mostly been running around in my Vans - but I like those. Oh, speaking of which...

6) Sneakers
My Vans are wearing out. And I love my Vans D: I need a decent pair to walk around in!

7) Hoodie
I love hoodies.
Don't know why, I just do :]

8) Jeans
I need a new pair. I have a crap, generic pair of jeans that I wear to work and to get messy in, and another pair to look good in. Or in my case, decent. But I need more D: I have enough shirts as it is, but jeans? I have terrible pants in my wardrobe - I. Need. Jeans. But most likely I'm going to have to get one of these myself.

9) Webcam
It'd be nice to communicate with friends that I can't see on a daily basis any more. It would be great to leave wall comments, or even potentially start Vlogging with.

10) A Digital Camera
It'd be nice not to have to borrow anybody's camera when I go out. 11) Zippo Lighter Because I can't find mine...

12) Vinyl Toys

I've been trying to get into these for awhile - unfortunately, they're an expensive hobby that I cannot afford to take up. Like cocaine. Anywho, I'd love to get my hands on some blindbox Dunny's or anything KidRobot. Or maybe a Kozik :]

13) Vintage Toy Robots

I've always loved these robots. There's something aesthetic about them, yet at the same time absolutely childish. Luckily, they're outdated so I doubt a child would love them.

14) Watchmen

'Nuff said.

15) 500 Things You Should Know
I want this book! Find it on Amazon! It's amazing! Look:

That's all I can come up with for now. If you still need help looking for anything, keep in mind - I love childish aesthetics, robots, zombies, and video games. Most especially zombies.

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